Recently a local television news broadcast brought up the conflict of interest that a Utah state senator had because of his livelihood as an insurance agent. We elect people who campaigned in their local areas. The candidates' chosen way of making a living is widely known by the people in their local districts, as all representatives have some profession for making their livelihoods. Now we have these conflicts of interest problems brought to our attention by the local TV news. One conflict of interest with one senator means we will have a conflict of interest with all the elected legislators. The only way to settle this will be by eliminating the conflict of interest by following these guidelines:

No voting on any bills addressing these problems if you are:Contractors: zoning, all insurances, building controls, labor relations, affirmative action, basic wages.

Lawyers: public buildings for law-related work, juvenile and adult criminal regulations, jails and prison problems, police control and guns.

Educators: teachers' salaries, class sizes, buildings, raises for university personnel, and affirmative action.

Sportsmen and environmentalists: land use restrictions, hunting and fishing controls and fees, gun control, predator control, cattle and sheep grazing rights.

Labor union members: all insurances, basic wages, all construction regulations concerning homes, buildings and roads, all labor and business laws, education as listed above, and union regulations.

Business owners and CEOs: basic wages, sales tax, property tax, business license, road construction blockage, affirmative action, large sales to public institutions of vehicles, computers, etc.

Even our governor has conflicts of interest with education, insurance and the environment. He should not sign any bills concerning his interests. Can we elect homeless people to solve this problem? No, the same conflicts arise there: welfare, shelters, medical care and food kitchens, and parks. The only possible way to solve this TV news "created problem" is to abolish our present form of government and install a dictator in its place.

Elsie Rowley

Salt Lake City