It shouldn't be so easy for people to declare bankruptcy. They should be required to go through all of the avenues of responsible actions (i.e. counseling, needs assessments, repayment programs, selling luxury items) before being granted bankruptcy status.

Bankruptcy should be the last resort, not the first. The sad part about this current trend is that bankruptcy used to be viewed as a last resort and a disgrace. Now it is the easy way out. Irresponsible people are not taking responsibility for their actions, and the statistics prove that the situation nationally is getting worse.Creditors would prefer that debtors work out their repayments rather than take out bankruptcy. Bankruptcy penalizes consumers as well as businesses, so the only people that win are those that created the mess and are allowed to take advantage of the lax federal bankruptcy laws.

Please call your congressman or senator and ask him to vote for federal bankruptcy reform. It is desperately needed.

Bea Cardwell