The Senate on Tuesday released a list of measures it has chosen to fund with $5 million allocated for appropriations bills.

The House was expected to announce its $5 million fiscal-bill priorities list on Wednesday.Of the $2.5 million the Senate can spend on one-time appropriations, it will give $300,000 to the Festival of the American West, $300,000 to the construction of an urban programs facility for American Indians, $300,000 to help protect volunteers and volunteer organizations from legal action, $200,000 to help relocate the Utah State University botanical gardens and $300,000 for maintenance of the State Fairpark.

Of the $2.5 million the Senate can spend on ongoing programs, $250,000 will be spent on law enforcement uniforms, $225,000 to hire new judges and $224,000 for the children's justice center.

All of the bills must pass both the Senate and House in order to receive funding.