An Israeli judge proposed Wednesday that a Maryland murder suspect who fled to Israel return voluntarily to the United States to stand trial but be allowed to serve his sentence in Israel if convicted.

The suspect, Samuel Sheinbein, faces murder charges in Montgomery County, Md., for the September dismemberment killing of 19-year-old Alfred Tello Jr. Sheinbein has been fighting extradition.His lawyer, David Libai, said the judge's proposal was reasonable and "worthy of favorable consideration."

The Israeli Justice Ministry and the Montgomery County state attorney, Robert Dean, said they would study the proposal.

If the compromise is accepted by all sides, it could cut short what were expected to be lengthy legal proceedings in Israel.

Jerusalem District Court Judge Moshe Ravid raised the proposal at the start of a hearing Wednesday, the second on the extradition dispute.

The hearings have been closed to the public because Sheinbein is a minor. Sheinbein was not present Wednesday. His lawyer said he has asked to stay in Tel Mond Prison, which has separate cells for minors, rather than be moved to Jerusalem for the hearings.