Commuters along the Wasatch Front will continue to experience travel difficulties as long as the snow is falling.

Because of the heavy snow, snowplow crews can barely keep main roads clear, which means that side roads, especially dead-ends and cul-de-sacs, won't see clearing until at least after the snowfall stops."Right now, we're losing the battle," said Tosh Kano, Salt Lake County's director of public works operations, Wednesday morning.

"Even on the main roads, as soon as we clear them, there's another inch on the ground. People just need to keep being patient," he said.

The plows have been on the road since 10 a.m. Tuesday, when the snow first started falling.

During the day, Kano said the county runs about 65 plows, and the night shift has 18. Drivers worked 15-hour shifts Tuesday, but Kano plans to send plow drivers home earlier Wednesday to make sure they get adequate rest before hitting the roads again.

Kano said the construction on I-15 has exacerbated problems because this winter crews have had heavier traffic on city streets to deal with.