As soon as the first shovel of earth was turned on the I-15 project, insanity became rampant on Salt Lake Valley streets. Several people have become angered at me for slowing them to within five mph of the limit, afterward showing me their I.Q. (middle digit.) There are a lot of people in the valley right now that think any road that has two or more lanes each way has a speed limit of 65 mph or higher. I am surprised that there have not been more auto-pedestrian accidents. Please, for safety's sake, slow down.

Leave a little earlier if you think it will take longer because of the traffic. Which would we choose, arriving a little late for an engagement, or serious injury and possibly death because of higher speeds? A little common sense can go a long way toward improving driving conditions. If you need to change lanes, please signal. Most people are not blessed with ESP and don't have any idea what you are going to do. Try not to cut people off. More often than not, people will turn from a side street directly into my path and go nowhere near the speed limit. Of course, there will be no one behind me for about a mile or so. But when all is said and done, slow down.Tom Porter

West Jordan