For 30 major clients of Delta Air Lines and 30 meeting, convention and tour planners not able to get to the Winter Games in Nagano, last weekend in Salt Lake City was probably just as memorable.

Had they gone to Japan they would have endured a 17-hour plane trip and been spectators, but while in Salt Lake City they had a chance to be pseudo-Olympians.Rick Davis, president of the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau, said Delta officials asked him to create the best Olympic experience possible for its top customers. At the same time, Davis invited the meeting, convention and tour planners who are in a position to bring future business to the area.

Davis said these people are the first to enjoy the United States Winter Olympic experience. He expects the event will be repeated regularly between now and 2002 when Salt Lake City hosts the Olympic Games.

The visitors had plenty of time to view the end of Nagano's Games on television, but they also took ice rocket rides on the bobsled run at Bear Hollow, skied at Solitude, skated at the Oquirrh Park speed-skating oval and also got some ski jumping lessons.

Other events included receptions, dining in local restaurants, shopping for 2002 Olympic merchandise and attending the Tabernacle Choir broadcast. On Sunday, they attended the community celebration in the Delta Center and watched the closing ceremony from Nagano.