Is April too early to have a spring cleanup?

Curt Oda, Clearfield city councilman and representative on the Wasatch Energy Systems board, would like the cleanup campaign to remain in April this year, but he wants the board to consider delaying the cleanup until May in 1999 and every year thereafter.Cities in Davis and Morgan counties gear cleanup campaigns for April, when the burn plant reduces resident dumping fees by $2 to $5 per pickup load.

With its higher elevation, Oda believes Morgan might especially profit from a delayed spring cleanup, but he feels the month of May might even be more suitable for other member cities too.

"It's a little early for Clearfield and especially Morgan," Oda said.

Layton mayor Jerry Stevenson, who's chairman of the burn plant board, said it might be wise to review the overall spring cleanup system in the near future.

For example, he said, staggering the dates for city cleanup throughout a month - whatever that month is - might also reduce the long lines residents sometimes have to contend with.

- Because of the high cost of curbside city cleanup efforts, more and more cities are reducing their services or even canceling them. For example, Ogden had the "Cadillac" of spring cleanups for many years. Just about anything from mattresses to water heaters was picked up by city crews. However, now Ogden has announced some limits and such large, bulky and heavy items will no longer be collected.

Even Farmington has decided to decrease its cleanup service this year. Starting in April, it will accept only tree limbs. All other yard waste or items must be hauled to the burn plant by residents or put in their regular garbage cans.

Layton has no spring cleanup because of the high cost involved. City officials believe it would cost several hundred thousand dollars to stage even a limited cleanup effort. There's no cleanup in West Point for the same reason.

Three other Davis County cities - West Bountiful, Clinton and Fruit Heights - don't conduct curbside collections for their spring cleanups. They simply provide Dumpsters for public use at various locations.

Sunset continues to have the most comprehensive spring cleanup in Davis County. That city still accepts mattresses, metal and just about anything except tires or hazardous chemicals.