It might not set any records, but the job outlook for Salt Lake City, Orem/Provo and Ogden will be respectable in April, May and June, according to Manpower Inc., a temporary help firm.

For the three spring months, 23 percent of the Salt Lake employers interviewed said they would increase their staffs, 51 percent intend to stay put and 6 percent expect to have fewer employees. The remaining 20 percent didn't know.For Orem/Provo, 33 percent of the employers said they would hire more people, 64 percent will stand pat and 3 percent will decrease their staffs. In Ogden, 30 percent of the employers will hire more people, 67 percent will remain the same, nobody plans to have fewer employees and 3 percent of the respondents don't know what they will do.

Manpower spokesman Robert Katz said there will be job opportunities in the three areas in durable goods manufacturing, trans-portation/public utilities, wholesale/retail trade, finance/insurance/real estate and public administrations. Mining and construction plan to cut back on employees.