A jailer who accepted a bribe from a confidential informant has received double the jail time recommended by the state.

Eric Allan Arrowsmith, 19, was fired from the Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center in December and charged with felony bribery after accepting $100 from an inmate who asked him to deliver cigarettes.Deputy Prosecutor Howard Smyser said investigators knew contraband was being brought into the jail and employed the informant. Smyser recommended 45 days of jail time and restitution to the sheriff's department.

Fifth District Judge George Granata Jr. told Arrowsmith he held him to a higher standard than others. Arrowsmith replied he needed the money and it was the only time he accepted it.

"But you know the reason they set this up is because it had happened before," Granata said.

Public Defender Robert Crandall asked for probation for his client and requested any jail time not start until after his pregnant wife delivers.

Granata sentenced him to one to three years in prison, suspended, with two years probation.