What Helen Hunt should do with her career seems obvious to everyone - except, it seems, Helen Hunt.

Conventional wisdom has Hunt, with her "As Good as It Gets" Oscar nomination in hand, waltzing away from "Mad About You" after six years and into a movie career unfettered by TV obligations. She's torn."I'm faced with one of the toughest decisions I've ever had. I think everybody thinks it's already figured out and we're not telling," Hunt said. "The truth is, Paul and I are really struggling in a very honest way with whether it's right to end it here or whether one more year is what (the series) wants."

Or what Hunt wants. And, hey, what about the viewers who've developed a fondness for Paul and Jamie Buchman and their marital ups and downs, and who have only recently met baby Mabel?

While Hunt clearly doesn't need television anymore, TV - or more specifically NBC - needs her. With "Seinfeld" lost to the network, "Mad About You" looms even larger in its schedule.

"I'm talking to Paul and the executive producer, Victor Levin, feeling our way into what stories might be done . . . making sure they'll get us excited," she said.

"The other 50 percent has to do with your personal life and how little time you have to give it when you're starring in and helping to create a show every week," said Hunt, whose longtime companion is actor actor Hank Azaria.

Although that's technically 100 percent, Hunt concedes that career options also figure in. But not in the way observers might suppose, she added.

"I've read things that say that's going to decide it, my movie career. But the truth is I've been able to have a pretty full movie career while doing this show," said Hunt, whose credits include the box-office hit "Twister."