Finally, the other shoe has dropped. The governor has come out and suggested that taxes should be used to directly support the Olympics. As someone who supports the Olympics coming to Utah as a privately run and privately financed venture, I knew that, "for the common good," sooner or later word would come down that we needed to help.

The keyword being used here is "cheap." Heaven forbid that we put on a "cheap" event. The powers that be suggest that we will become a laughingstock to the world if the Olympics don't measure up to whatever standard they have in mind. Fine, I agree. Let us not put on "cheap" Games; let us put on no Games.Sometimes it is better to not do something at all rather than do it halfway. Let's tell the IOC that we cannot put on the Games in the style to which they have become accustomed; therefore, it is better that they find some other place that can.

I think that Gov. Leavitt's idea that there are unlimited funds to "build for the future" is getting old and that we ran out of those funds shortly after the cost of the freeway went up $300 million and the availability of funds from the federal government went to $0. Let's quit building for the future by burdening our children with debt that they will have to pay off.

I say run the Olympics as was promised - cheaply and without government funds - or don't do them at all.

Kurt Rosenhan