Many Utah House members just hate PhotoCop - or anything like it.

Friday they killed a bill that would have allowed the use of cameras triggered by sensitive plates at an intersection to catch those who run red lights.Rep. Orville Carnahan, R-Taylorsville, said his bill is about saving lives. "One out of five car crashes caused by running a red light results in a death. And the number . . . is rising," he said.

But House member after member rose to condemn the use of PhotoCop or other radar-ticketing devices. The House outlawed PhotoCop, except for use in school zones, several years ago.

Few, if any, local governments used PhotoCop only in school zones, which led members to say the devices are money-making tools for local governments.

To stop such tactics, Carnahan's bill was amended to allow local governments to only get one-quarter of any receipts from red-light-running operations.