Ice-dance scoring should be changed to place more emphasis on the free dance and make the much-criticized event more unpredictable, figure skating's top officials said.

Ottavio Cinquanta, president of he International Skating Union, said Saturday (Friday night EST) that he would ask the federation's congress in June to make the free dance worth more than the current 50 percent of a couple's total score.Cinquanta said he was spurred by criticism of last week's ice-dance judging at the Nagano Games.

"We are not deaf. We read and I am stimulated by this," he said. "We can't change the sport, but there has been a lot of conversation in the ISU to acknowledge the sport needs competition."

Cinquanta said results were very hard to change with compulsories and original dance together worth as much as the free dance, the last and longest part of the competition.

"If you can't change the situation through judging and obtain the result - you can't force people to do something - then maybe it is better to do it through the rules," he said.