Alta View Hospital-

ARBON, Tami and Todd, Draper, boy, Feb. 19.

BAILEY, Jeanene and Todd, Riverton, boy, Feb. 19.

CHRISTENSEN, Stephanie and Kasey, Riverton, boy, Feb. 19.

DERRICK, Laura and Don, Salt Lake City, girl, Feb. 18.

GURULE, Amie, and REECE, Cody, Salt Lake City, girl, Feb. 19.

JENSON, Amy and Kenneth, West Jordan, boy, Feb. 19.

JONKHART, Kimberly and Arjen, Salt Lake City, girl, Feb. 17.

LARSEN, Julie and Jack, South Jordan, boy, Feb. 17.

NELSON, Karyn and Dave, Midvale, girl, Feb. 20.

WITNEY, Verlynne and Ryan, West Jordan, boy, Feb. 19.

American Fork Hospital-

ADAMSON, Natalie and James, Pleasant Grove, girl, Feb. 10.

ANDERSON, Heather and Devry, Pleasant Grove, girl, Feb. 6.

BRATT, Jana and Perry, Pleasant Grove, girl, Feb. 10.

BROWN, Nicole and Kurtis, Pleasant Grove, boy, Feb. 6.

BROWN, Nicole and Kurtis, Pleasant Grove, boy, Feb. 6.

CAMPBELL, Erika and Rory, Orem, girl, Feb. 10.

CHRISTENSEN, Jena and Hal, Lehi, girl, Feb. 9.

CHRISTIANSEN, Karen and Paul, Provo, girl, Feb. 4.

COOLEY, Carol and Matthew, Pleasant Grove, boy, Feb. 1.

DENKERS, Christine and Wesley, Highland, boy, Jan. 28.

EHARA, Katrice and Tetsuya, Pleasant Grove, girl, Feb. 11.

FEATHERSTONE, Loralyn and Mackey, Lehi, boy, Jan. 29.

FILLMORE, Amanda and David, American Fork, boy, Feb. 4.

FISHER, Danielle and Thomas, Pleasant Grove, girl, Feb. 5.

HALL, Jamie and Gary, Alpine, girl, Jan. 28.

HARMS, Heather and Daniel, Provo, girl, Feb. 1.

HARRINGTON, Marmion and Tauasu, Provo, girl, Jan. 30.

HARRIS, Caroline and Brian, Lindon, boy, Feb. 6.

HERRERA, Wendy and Jason, American Fork, boy, Feb. 7.

HODGES, Teresa and Jacob, Midvale, girl, Feb. 1.

HOOVER, Aimee and Dustin, Lehi, girl, Jan. 30.

HOWARD, Susan and Daniel, Lehi, girl, Feb. 6.

JACKSON, Kimberly and Robert, Provo, girl, Feb. 4.

JENKINS, Chantel and Aaron, Pleasant Grove, girl, Feb. 8.

JENKINS, Kristen and Judson, Pleasant Grove, girl, Feb. 4.

JENSEN, Sarasue and Dennis, Provo, girl, Jan. 28.

JEWELL, Chandra and David, Orem, girl, Jan. 29.

KIRBY, Heidi and David, Pleasant Grove, girl, Feb. 10.

LEE, Sharylee and Jared, Provo, girl, Jan. 29.

LEMONS, Tara and Kelly, Orem, boy, Feb. 9.

LOFGRAN, Jannafer and Michael, Provo, girl, Feb. 5.

MACPHERSON, Annette and Rob, Lehi, girl, Feb. 10.

McINTOSH, Ramona and Robert, Pleasant Grove, boy, Feb. 9.

OLSEN, Lisa and Brent, Provo, girl, Jan. 30,.,

PACE, Magan and Scott, Orem, girl, Jan. 31.

PRICE, Martha and Jess, Provo, girl, Jan. 28.

ROBERTS, Lisa and Jay, Pleasant Grove, boy, Feb. 7.

ROSE, Claudia and David, Cedar Fort, girl, Jan. 31.

SHEFFIELD, Sharon and Troy, Lehi, girl, Feb. 5.

SHELTON, Shauna and John, Orem, girl, Feb. 1.

SHEPHERD, Julie and Jared, American Fork, girl, Feb. 6.

SKIDMORE, Mary and Jon, Orem, boy, Feb. 8.

SPENCER, Sherrill and Morgan, Alpine, girl, Feb. 9.

SPRADLEY, Wendy and Brent, Pleasant Grove, girl, Jan. 25.

STAPLETON, Shauna and Brian, Lindon, boy, Jan. 31.

STONE, Carla and Jay, Lehi, girl, Jan. 30.

STOREY, Nanette and Brian, Pleasant Grove, boy, Feb. 5.

SUTTON, Diane and Glenn, Orem, girl, Jan. 30.

TAHBO, Sheramy and Bobby, Lehi, boy, Feb. 1.

THOMAS, Amy and Justin, American Fork, girl, Feb. 5.

WALKER, Janis and John, Provo, boy, Jan. 31.

WARE, Diana and David, Lehi, boy, Feb. 1.

WISCOMBE, Nicole and Patrick, Cedar Hills, boy, Jan. 29.

YOUNG, Shellene and Stuart, Orem, girl, Feb. 1.

Columbia Ogden Regional Medical Center-

ALLEN, Michele and Brad, Ogden, boy, Feb. 12.

BARELA, Beverly, and MEDINA, Leo, Ogden, twin girls, Feb. 8.

BAUGH, Aimee and David, Syracuse, boy, Feb. 14.

CAIN, Misty and Cody, Ogden, boy, Feb. 14.

CALDERON, Adelina and Francisco, Ogden, boy, Feb. 8.

CHRISTENSEN, Patricia and Daniel, Roy, girl, Feb. 9.

COLLINS, Nanette and Martin, Mountain Green, boy, Feb. 12.

COOMBS, Melinda and Cary, Roy, girl, Feb. 12.

COTTLE, Angela and Todd, Brigham City, boy, Feb. 8.

DURAN, Thelma, and AGUILAR, Antonio, Ogden, boy, Feb. 12.

FAVILA, Krisha, and ARVALLO, Victoriano, Ogden, boy, Feb. 9.

FRANCO, Cecilia and Jose, Ogden, girl, Feb. 9.

GIBB, Suzanne and Nathan, Morgan, boy, Feb. 9.

HEYWOOD, Thelissa and Shane, Layton, girl, Feb. 12.

HOSKINS, Caroline and Curtis, North Ogden, girl, Feb. 13.

KLETT, Allison and Charles, Syracuse, girl, Feb. 12.

McCALLISTER, Lisa and Sean, Ogden, boy, Feb. 10.

McCREA, Jamie, and PRIETO, Jared, Ogden, girl, Feb. 11.

MILLER, Coleena and Max, Ogden, boy, Feb. 13.

PARSLOW, Leslie and Douglas, Ogden, boy, Feb. 9.

SAUNDERS, Jamie and Alan, Layton, boy, Feb. 12.

STANDING, Lori and Scott, Mountain Green, boy, Feb. 13.

TANNER, Emily and David, Ogden, boy, Feb. 14.

TRICKETT, Susette and Clint, Roy, girl, Feb. 11.

VO, Loan, and LAI, Cuong, Ogden, girl, Feb. 10.

WINCHESTER, Jinjer and Troy, Kaysville, boy, Feb. 10.

WRIGHT, Amanda, and CRAYTHORN, Justin, Riverdale, boy, Feb. 12.