Construction on Hunter High School is proceeding on the site at 56th West and 41st South, with the completion date of late 1989/early 1990 still holding.

The school, Granite School District's 10th high school, will house 1,200 students its first year, but has been built to accommodate up to 2,400, said Frank Willardsen, assistant superintendent.The structure incorporates many innovations to meet the needs of today's curriculum and instructional patterns, he said. "It is not a standard plan or a repeat of others."

The initial stages of planning involved 28 district teachers who are curriculum experts in all areas of study.

Planning included emphasis on energy conservation and space efficiency. The building will take advantage of outside light to minimize energy costs, and irrigation water will be used on landscaped areas.

The building and furnishings will cost $17 million. The money comes from a district bond issue. The bonds also financed six elementary schools and two junior high schools.

Next spring, a principal will be appointed to begin planning for the influx of 10th-, 11th- and 12th-graders in the fall of 1990. Boundaries have not yet been set, and discussion is expected to involve everyone affected, Willardsen said.

The building is masonry faced with a gray-brown veneer brick. The complex includes a swimming pool, full-size gymnasium and auxiliary gyms and an indoor running track. Overall, the school will occupy about 300,000 square feet.

"It is not a lavish facility," Willardsen said. "The structure and building plans are simple. We hope it will meet the demands of today's education programs and hopefully those of the next 50 years."

Vandalism has been a problem at the building site, necessitating construction of a fence and hiring of a night watchman. The district asks residents to report unusual activity at the site.