What's particularly galling is that "Senseless" didn't have to stoop so low. There's a routine, but slightly amusing premise here: An impoverished college student, Darryl Witherspoon (Marlon Wayans, from "The Sixth Man"), agrees to become the guinea pig for a sense-enhancement drug experiment to make ends meet.

And by taking the drug, Darryl gains supernormal senses and he uses the knowledge he gains from them to become a finalist in a prestigious job competition, impress the girl of his dreams (Tamara Taylor) and even become a fabulous hockey goalie (yeah, right!).

But Darryl also ignores the instructions and takes more than the recommended dosage, which makes him even more "sensitive" (excuse the pun) but which also robs him of one of his senses at the most inopportune of times.

Believe it or not, Wayans can be charming (at least, more so than his brothers, Keenen Ivory and Damon) , though here he's reduced to making "funny" faces for laughs that probably won't come. And talented co-stars David Spade and Rip Torn look pained having to play straightmen to him.

"Senseless" is rated R for tasteless, vulgar gags and references, profanity, male nudity and glimpses of nude photos, drug use (shots of Darryl injecting the chemical), violence and sex.