Pop-punk and heavy metal acts dominate the lineups of club concerts in the next week:

- JUDGING BY HIS LYRICS, Mr. T Experience vocalist-guitarist-songwriter "Dr." Frank Portman must have had some really crummy experiences with romance.Typical Mr. T Experience songs include snide titles like "Lawnmower of Love" and "The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful."

Portman and the other members of the Berkeley, Calif., trio are continuing to tour the United States on behalf of the CD "Love Is Sweet And So Are You." That tour will include a Salt Lake City stop on Saturday at the Club DV8 basement, 115 S. West Temple.

Joining them for the no-restrictions show at 8 p.m. will be local garage/punk act the Zillionaires, Due Time and Logan punk-rockers Throwaway Generation.

- THOUGH IT'S PROBABLY best known for a peculiar cover of "Nellie the Elephant," British punk trio the Toy Dolls has carved out its own niche with a speedy mix of pop-punk and the singalong English Oi! style of punk.

Unbeknownst to most U.S. music listeners familiar with the aforementioned song, the Toy Dolls have actually been recording since 1979, and its albums sell well in its home country and Japan.

Currently on tour for its new CD, "One More Mega Byte," the band will headline a Tuesday, Feb. 24, concert at Club DV8. Other touring acts on the bill for the show include California brat-punk combo Guttermouth and Pegboy, a hard-core/punk outfit that includes former members of legendary punk act Naked Raygun.

- FORMER BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD heroes Jackyl continue to tour and record albums, despite the fact that they were pegged early on as another "novelty act."

But the real chainsaw solos from the hit single "The Lumberjack" are gone, and the Georgia five-piece's focus has changed slightly to a more rockin' approach, though the new single "Locked and Loaded" features some guest vocals from screamer Brian Johnson from AC/DC.

"Back again, bigger than life and twice as ugly," Jackyl is headlining a tour for its CD "Cut the Crap," which will include a Friday, Feb. 27 show at the Holy Cow, 241 S. 500 East. - Jeff Vice