The Senate Education Committee has restored the original language of a bill intended to ap-propriate $13.6 million to Utah schools to reduce class sizes in seventh and eight grades.

Last week, HB182 was amended on the House floor to eliminate any reference to the target grades. Rep. Jeff Alexander, R-Orem, argued that local school districts could better judge where to use class-size reduction monies. The amendment passed 40-33.On Tuesday, the Senate committee voted unanimously to replace the discarded language and forwarded the bill to the full Senate.

Sen. David Steele, R-West Point, told committee members that the bill was the product of the Education Interim Committee, which specifically wanted to target class size in middle schools.

Phyllis Sorensen, president of the Utah Education Association, urged the committee to restore the language. "If you have a teenager of your own, you realize what a critical time in life this is."