The jailed ex-husband of Ingrid Rossellini Aborn could take prosecutors up on a deal that would free him, if he agrees to stay out of the country for five years.

Alberto Acciarito, 44, was unable to make the $5,000 bail that a New York judge set Wednesday. Acciarito has been jailed since a jury convicted him Feb. 4 of aggravated harassment for showing up at Aborn's home despite court orders to leave her alone.Acciarito, a film director and producer who lives in Rome, faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine if he rejects the deal.

The charges against him arose from his calling and threatening Aborn, a daughter of the late Ingrid Bergman. Acciarito said he was just desperate to see the couple's only child, Tommaso.

Aborn has remarried. She is the twin sister of actress Isabella Rossellini.