Three former campus Marxists arrested in an FBI sting last year now stand formally charged with conspiring to spy on U.S. defenses for 25 years.

One, James M. Clark, a 49-year-old private investigator and former U.S. Army paralegal, is accused in a grand jury indictment of delivering secret and top secret defense documents to East Germany between 1979 and 1984.The grand jury said Tuesday those documents included State Department personnel records. CIA agents were assigned to the State Department under cover. The indictment said Clark also obtained information about chemical weapons manufacturing from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal to offer to the East Germans.

The indictments were returned in suburban Alexandria, Va., and the defendants are scheduled to enter pleas next Monday in U.S. District Court there. They have been held without bail since their Oct. 4 arrest in northern Virginia.

Arrested with Clark was a Washington, D.C., couple: Theresa Maria Squillacote, a 40-year-old former Defense Department lawyer, and her 43-year-old husband, Kurt Alan Stand, a labor union representative.

All three were charged with conspiring between 1972 and their arrest to spy on the United States.