For the benefit of media professionals, there is a difference between the Army, Navy, U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps.

There is also a difference when referring to the men and women who are serving in the military services. Those serving in the Army are known as "soldiers"; Navy, "sailors"; U.S. Air Force, "airmen"; U.S. Marine Corps, "Marines." I bring this to your attention since there have been too many incorrect references to the military services.Reference the Sunday edition (Feb. 8) of the Deseret News, Section AA, Viewpoint: The article covering the tragic accident in Italy refers to "U.S. Air Force pilots" as having caused the accident. It just so happens the accident was caused by a Marine Corps pilot. The entire article is a poor example of journalism showing a lack of knowledge of our military. Also, on Feb. 11, the noon-day news on Channel 2 covering an article on Hill Air Force Base, referred to the facility as an Army base. Hill AFB ceased to be known as an Army base in September 1947. There have also been instances in the past when the airmen at Hill AFB have beam referred to as soldiers. When articles of a negative nature are reported, it's even more important that the correct identification is made of the service and personnel involved.

There's a lot of pride in those who serve to protect our freedoms. They deserve to receive proper reference to their service.

Newell D. Moy

Salt Lake City