A new book says Utah is a pretty, great place for Californians to escape to.

"The California Escape Manual," written by author Mark S. Bacon, identifies Provo-Orem, Cedar City and St. George as good bets for relocation. The book offers tips on how to identify ideal towns and gather information on crime, schools, housing and other topics.Bacon mentions Utah's good educational system, expanding high-tech industries and booming Salt Lake housing market. Other Utah cities are high-lighted in tables throughout the book.

"The Beehive State combines vast outdoor wonders, a strong economy, a range of climatic choices and a social climate that emphasizes the family."

In particular, Bacon, who opted to "escape" to Nevada, gives Cedar City strong praise.

"Its combination of scenic beauty, expanding job base, low costs and enrichment from a state university make it difficult to understand why it has escaped the notice of `best places' writers," he wrote. "Flipping through a real-estate booklet on the area will make an urban Californian drool."