The Americans flew in pairs at Wednesday's Olympic freestyle aerials finals, downing the so-called "Canadian air force" and outlasting the Chinese acrobats on skis.

In the men's competition, the United States' Eric Bergoust duplicated the gold-medal efforts of Park City's Nikki Stone. In completing the double-gold U.S. sweep, Bergoust did it in record fashion, with a world-record 255.64 points for his two jumps.Bergoust is a thrill-seeking, free-spirited Montana native whose love for aerials started with viewing an ESPN event. That love took him to Calgary, Canada, for the 1988 Winter Games, where aerials competition was first introduced as a demonstration sport.

Sleeping in the car in a nearby parking lot, Bergoust was first in line to attend the inaugural event, so starting his auspicious journey toward his Olympic gold.

And that gold just about didn't materialize Wednesday, when Bergoust suffered his worst crash landing in several years during the morning training jumps.

"I landed right on my chest," he said.