The Utah House has approved $2 million for an indoor ice arena in Cache County, but the facility's sponsor remains pessimistic about landing the full amount in the end.

The $2 million would take most of a $2.5 million pie legislators have been given for new programs. So far, bills requesting more than $100 million have been filed.Rep. Craig Buttars, R-Lewiston, declined after Thursday's 51-15 floor vote to speculate on how much of the $2 million will actually flow north to Cache County.

A similar bill passed the House last year but died in the Senate on the session's final day because it failed to make the priority spending list.

Buttars said he doesn't expect his HB284, which again has been sent to the Senate, to make the list this year. The priority list would ensure full funding.

The 200-seat, $4 million arena would be built on seven acres of county-owned land. It would include lockers, a concession area and lobby.