Here is a list of action on bills by the Utah Legislature thus far this week:

House bills introduced

HB11 (Arent) - Lowers the age when juvenile records can be released and allows greater access to court hearings.

HB65 (Allen) - Authorizes a sales-tax exemption for taxicabs transporting passengers within a suburban area.

HB136 (Buffmire) - Expands the rights of grandparents to seek court-ordered visitation of children.

HB137 (Knudson) - Creates a state Children's Health Insurance Program under the Department of Health.

HB199 (Hatch) - Allocates $900,000 from sales tax revenues to a species protection fund.

HB228 (Stephens) - Increases the state's beer tax and provides funding for substance abuse prevention, enforcement and treatment.

HB335 (Adair) - Modifies the power of the state Board of Regents at universities to purchase or otherwise acquire facilities.

HB353 (Cox) - Clarifies provisions in the state's recovery of medical assistance and a child's enrollment in a parent's health insurance plan.

HB398 (Jones) - Allows recipients of retirement benefits to designate a beneficiary in certain cases.

HB399 (Tuttle) - Requires the Department of Environmental Quality to study perchlorate contamination of drinking water.

HB411 (Frandsen) - Requires licensure of people involved in selling factory-built housing.

HB421 (Styler) - Allows for recovery of legal fees by government officers wrongly charged with a crime.

HB425 (Short) - Expands residential property tax exemption for the poor.

HB444 (Adair) - Makes it a crime for certain persons to benefit from the privatization of quasi-governmental entities.

HB447 (D. Jones) - Imposes a $10 surcharge on traffic violations in construction zones.

HB461 (Garn) - Authorizes the State Building Ownership Authority to issue up to $10 million in revenue bonds to acquire property for the building of highways.

HJR20 (Baca) - Commissions a survey of salary ranges and benefits of juvenile court personnel in Utah and other Western states.

Senate bills introduced

SB80 (R. Evans) - Establishes criteria under which cities and counties can create special service districts.

SB131 (McAllister) - Changes age of victim in determining crime of unlawful intercourse.

SB161 (Howell) - Makes it unlawful for mechanics to repair cars without disclosing the cost and the amount of insurance deductible.

SB166 (Blackham) - Requires that food service establishments have a certified food safety manager on staff.

SB174 (Mayne) - Establishes requirements for agencies who perform construction materials testing and inspections on public buildings.

SB197 (Hillyard) - Appropriates $29,500 to create a task force on local airport funding.

Senate bills passed

SB56 (M. Peterson) - Requires bow hunter certification.

SB156 (Buhler) - Broadens use of arts and zoo sales tax.

SB157 (Howell) - Limits liability of nonprofit corporation volunteers.

SB169 (Dmitrich) - Specifies reasons the state can deny a permit to mine coal.

SB182 (Stephenson) - Outlaws payroll deductions for labor organization political funds.

SB204 (Holmgren) - Appropriates $1.75 million to American West Heritage Centger.

SB209 (Poulton) - Provides for an election to allow counties to help fund zoos.

SB215 (Suazo) - Authorizes special licenses plates for children's issues.

SJR17 (Hillyard) - Amends constitution to repeal certain intangible property tax provisions.