Veteran broadcaster and beloved Hall of Fame Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray received an outpouring of support after he collapsed during a Valentine's Day dinner.

Caray, 78, was taken to Eisenhower Medical Center after he fell at Basin Street West, a nightclub where he was dining with his wife, Dutchie.Caray's son-in-law, Coley Newell, told The Associated Press that Caray was unconscious but breathing on his own.

"The feeling amongst the family is that there's no grave concern yet," Newell said Sunday. "Anybody that knows Harry knows how tough he is."

Well-wishers included Ed Lynch, the Cubs' general manager, who said the team would sign a big card and send it to Caray at the hospital, and Michael Jordan.

"I wish him a speedy recovery. I love to hear his voice on the radio and the TV as well. Hopefully he can recover well," Jordan said after the Chicago Bulls defeated the Detroit Pistons 99-90 Sunday.