Her two young boys at her side, the distraught widow of a truck driver killed in a riot over soaring food prices squatted on a straw mat Sunday and wailed in grief.

But the woman's cries were drowned out by upset villagers who gathered outside her home to tell how police and soldiers broke up stone-throwing protesters in Praya, on the eastern resort island of Lombok.The villagers nodded as several accused the officers of shooting two men, including the woman's husband, who died in the melee Saturday. Police refused to release details of the deaths but flew reinforcements to Lombok, 625 miles east of Jakarta.

Violent protests have been spreading as Indonesia's economic crisis drives up the cost of food and other essentials. Police have reported that five people have died in the fighting since Friday.

In the latest violence Sunday, mobs burned six shops and damaged eight others in Kadipaten, 125 miles east of Jakarta. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

"Hundreds were in streets, screaming and throwing rocks," said resident Hari Susanto. "They were angry about rising prices by Chinese shopkeepers."

About 300 people have been arrested as rioting spread from the main island of Java to other parts of the world's fourth most populous nation, causing age-old ethnic and religions tensions to surface.