A former Provo Fire Department emergency medical services coordinator was ordered to complete 14 days of work diversion for fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs.

Raymond E. Anderson, 44, pleaded guilty last month in 4th District Court to two counts of prescription fraud. On Friday, Judge Ray M. Harding Sr. sentenced Anderson to one to 15 years in prison on a second-degree felony and six months on a class B misdemeanor.However, Harding stayed imposition of the prison terms and instead ordered work diversion and probation of 36 months. Also, Anderson was ordered to pay a $640 fine or complete an equivalent number of hours of community service.

Anderson will be required to undergo substance abuse evaluation and treatment, and will be subject to random drug testing.

Anderson was an 18-year veteran fire inspector and EMS coordinator when he quit the fire department last July, just days before he was charged with seven counts of prescription fraud. Five counts were dismissed last month.

Anderson also was employed at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center's emergency room, where police said he obtained blank prescription pads. The false prescriptions were passed at local pharmacies to obtain morphine, according to police.