New York Yankees manager Billy Martin, who was ejected from Monday night's 3-2 loss to Oakland, may face a suspension for kicking dirt and then throwing dirt on umpire Dale Scott.

"All we can do is make a report to (American League President) Bobby Brown," crew chief Rich Garcia said. "We haven't even sat down and talked about the incident among ourselves yet."Garcia would not let Scott comment on whether one of Martin's kicks actually touched him.

The incident occurred in the third inning when Yankee second baseman Bobby Meacham thought he caught a low line drive by Oakland's Walt Weiss and threw the ball around the infield as is customary after an out. However, umpire Rick Reed said Meacham trapped the ball and ruled Weiss safe.

After a lengthy argument with the entire umpiring crew, Martin was thrown out of the game by Scott, the first-base umpire. Martin then kicked dirt on Scott's shoes and picked up a pile of dirt and threw it at Scott's midsection before leaving.

Martin called the press box after the ejection and said he was upset because Scott first told him he didn't know whether it was a trap and then told him it was a trap. Martin left the Oakland Coliseum before the end of the 14-inning game and was unavailable for comment.

Garcia said Martin was ejected because he used profanity against Scott.