Green Bay Packers coach Mike Holmgren admits he didn't know what down it was when he chose to concede a touchdown to the Denver Broncos that won the Super Bowl.

Holmgren ordered his defense to allow the Broncos to run the ball in from the 1-yard line on second down with 1 minute, 45 seconds left in the 31-24 defeat Sunday at San Diego.However, Holmgren thought it was first down, and the Packers would have had to stop the Broncos three times to force a field goal on fourth down.

"Second-and-goal from the 1?" Holmgren said Monday. "If that was the case, then we made a mistake."

Holmgren said he thought the Packers would not have had enough time to come back if they did not let the Broncos score.

"I thought what would happen if they used their timeouts and kicked the field goal, we would have had about 25 seconds," Holm-gren said.

"But . . . we made the decision. I wanted the ball back. I thought our best chance was to have our timeouts left with 1:45, so I just told them to let them score. . . . It was a strategy I felt was our only chance to win."

The Packers subsequently drove downfield, but on fourth-and-6 at the Denver 31, quarterback Brett Favre's pass to Mark Chmura was tipped away with 28 seconds remaining.

Green Bay safety Eugene Robinson said it made sense to concede the touchdown and give the Packers the ball with as much time as possible.