Even though Utah's small businesses may have a lot to learn about exporting, experts are available to help them learn overseas trading, according to an official of the Utah Small Business Development Center at Brigham Young University.

"Businesses in Utah can export," said Kathy Buckner, the center's assistant director. To introduce small businesses to other exporting businesses in Utah, the center co-sponsored an international trade seminar as part of World Trade Week activities.About 50 people, mostly from computer-related companies, attended the seminar this week to learn more about selling their products overseas and expanding into new foreign markets.

U.S. Commerce Department studies indicate that only 250 firms, most of them very large companies, are responsible for about 80 percent of all U.S. exports, Buckner said. The same studies show that as many as 30,000 firms, most of them small to medium in size, could export but do not.

By exporting, small business could expand and also contribute to the reduction of a growing trade deficit, she said.