A Salt Lake County woman who says she was mistakenly arrested instead of a woman with a similar name has filed a $130,000 lawsuit in U.S. District Court for Utah.

Wilma Ilajean Ehrhardt charges in the complaint that she was booked into jail on warrants issued against a Wilma Irene Ehrhardt for robbery and theft.She says she protested the mixup, and one of the booking officers, looking at a photo of the wanted woman, said, "She is right; she is not the right person."

The plaintiff says another booking officer replied, "So what, the name is nearly the same."

The charges were later dropped by prosecutors who conceded the mistake, according to the suit.

"It was further acknowledged that the error in arrest, booking and detention was discovered simply through comparison of the photograph of the correct party . . . with the photograph of the wronged party," Ehrhardt's suit says.