Tuesday is the deadline in a contest to name a baby polar bear at Utah's Hogle Zoo.

Born last November, the bear has been on exhibit less than a month at the zoo.Within hours of the polar cub's birth the mother and baby bear were moved to an off-exhibit "cubbing den" to simulate the seclusion of the bear's natural habitat.

In April the bear and its mother, Chinook, were returned to the exhibit. Cheekako, the father of the cub, was transferred to a holding area for the safety of the cub.

The winner of the name-the-bear contest will be presented a package of small prizes. Entry blanks have been inserted in Arby's Restaurants "Adventure Meals" or can be picked up at any Arby's location. No purchase is necessary.

Entry blanks must be mailed to the zoo or turned in at the zoo entrance gates by Tuesday, said zoo spokeswoman Lynn Davis.