A Salt Lake company is apparent low bidder on two Utah Department of Transportation highway maintenance projects in eastern Utah. Both projects involve pavement rehabilitation.

The first project involves placing an asphalt slurry seal on the following highways in Carbon County north of Price: a one-mile section of U-244 through Helper; a 1.4-mile section of U-157 towards Kenilworth; and a 1.6-mile section of U-139 between Helper and Spring Glen.Of the two bids submitted, Intermountain Slurry Seal of Salt Lake City had the apparent low bid of $45,591. The engineer's estimate was $46,774.

A slurry seal coat is a thin layer of a specialized pavement of asphalt and sand that is placed over the existing pavement to help seal the highway surface to inhibit air and moisture deterioration and help extend the life of the highway.

The second project involves placing a rejuvenating agent on two highways in Emery and San Juan Counties: U-31, from the junction of U-10 at Huntington northwest 11 miles; and U-46 from the junction of U.S. 191 at LaSal Junction 10 miles east to the LaSal National Forest boundary.

Intermountain Slurry Seal was again the apparent low bidder at $88,060. Engineer's estimate was $80,160.

The agent is a petroleum-based material that penetrates and softens brittle, aging asphalt in pavement to make it more flexible and also helps seal cracks to prevent moisture penetration.

Both projects involve comparatively low-cost preventive maintenance that extends the life of the highways and helps avert more extensive and costly resurfacing, said department officials.