Raisa Gorbachev had been expected to attend, but it was her daughter Irina who turned up at a Moscow rock concert on Sunday night marking the superpower summit.

Irina and her husband sat in the front row at Luzhniki Sports Stadium and applauded enthusiastically at performances by the Soviet Union's top rock and pop stars on a stage draped with Soviet and American flags.Asked during a break in the concert, attended by a packed house of 12,000 people, whether she was enjoying the concert, Irina told a reporter: "Of course."

She also confirmed that her mother was not present and disclosed her husband's first name - Anatoly - before he pulled her gently by the hand and away into the crowd.

The official Tass news agency, which organized the concert, had invited Raisa Gorbachev to attend. All the funds raised by the function are to go to the Soviet Culture Fund, of which Raisa is a board member.

Little is known about Irina, who keeps a low profile. She is thought to be about 30 years old and a doctor, a common profession among Soviet women. She also has a young daughter of her own, Oksana, who has been seen clutching her hand at the Kremlin parades.