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Limbeck is performing at the Lo-Fi Cafe in Salt Lake City tonight.

Robb MacLean and Patrick Carrie, both guitarists and vocalists for the band Limbeck, said the title of their new album, "Let Me Come Home," is aimed at critics.

"Our last album ('Hi, Everything's Great') was described over and over again by critics as being a road-trip album," MacLean said during a conference call from Southern California with Carrie and the Deseret Morning News. "They called it a road album because all the songs fit together."

"And this new album wasn't a road-trip album," said Carrie. "We didn't want to make another album sound like one continuous song."

Another reason the new album was titled "Let Me Come Home" was because the band has continuously toured for more than two years. "When we made that album, back in 2003, we went on tour for two years," said MacLean. "Then we made the new album and immediately went on a six-week tour."

"I was sick of touring," said Carrie.

"I wasn't sick of touring," said MacLean. "I was physically sick, but I liked being out on the road. In fact, I'm looking forward to it now."

Carrie, MacLean and the other band members, bassist Justin Entsminger and drummer Matt Stephens, took the band's name from Don Limbeck, the Milwaukee Brewers home-run hitter who helped his team win the 1978 World Series against the Montreal Expos. Limbeck died in a plane crash on his way to celebrate the victory.

The band formed in 2000 and has gone through some lineup changes, but always for the good of the band. "The hardest thing of being in the band is to keep on playing our own stuff while so much other junk gets attention," said Carrie. "We started this band to play music that was fun."

"Fun" also describes the time the band is having on the current tour, said MacLean. "We are excited to play some of the new songs in the set. The album's out there for people, and now our songs are there for our live shows."

"We won't forget our older songs," said Carrie. "But we have some new material to use."

"We're on a steady climb," said MacLean, "and we expect to keep on doing what we're doing for a while."

If you go . . .

What: Kaufax, Limbeck

Where: Lo-Fi Cafe, 165 S. West Temple

When: Tonight, 8 p.m.

How much: $10

Phone: 467-8499 or 800-888-8499

E-mail: [email protected]