It's no surprise if you can't shoehorn a Ford Expedition into your garage. But if you can't cram in a Mini Cooper, there's a growing industry ready to rescue you.

GarageTek and Gladiator GarageWorks, the leaders in garage organizing, will visit your home, free, to measure your garage and devise a plan. One wall's worth of organizing products, installed, will usually cost $2,000 to $2,500, although you can spend a lot more.

GarageTek sells its products installed only, with a one-wall minimum. GarageTek (; 866-664-2724) has dealers in 35 states. Its products are also sold through Expo Design Center stores.

Gladiator does installations, sells its products to do-it-yourselfers and lets you design plans on its Web site. Gladiator (; 866-342-4089) has a network of outlets nationwide (except in Alaska) that includes Sears, Lowes, Kmart and Target.

Both systems start with plastic paneling ($10 to $12 per square foot) that is installed on top of the garage walls. Slots in the paneling let you hang cabinets, shelves and accessories so you can stow all the stuff you're tripping over on the garage floor.

Here are a few easy solutions for some common garage organization problems:

Problem: Your tools wander off, and you can never find one when you need it.

Solution: Give your tools a home by creating a workshop or gardening center in your garage. Gladiator GarageWorks offers a workbench with a maple butcher-block top (6 feet, $500; 8 feet, $550), power strip ($170), lockable modular cabinet ($350) and tool chest ($450).

Problem: Heaps of balls and sports gear piled at the back door.

Solution: Hang GarageTek's family activity racks ($70 to $90), as well as baskets and shelves. Other options: Outfit your athlete with a Kid'z Sports Locker personalized with his or her name and favorite number ($150 to $165). To stow larger items overhead, add a rope-and-pulley hoist (four hoists, with varying weight and height options, run $75 to $190 each).

Problem: Finding a place for bikes where you won't knock them over or whack them with your car door.

Solution: Gladiator's Vertical Bike Hook ($10 each) gets the bicycles off the floor and allows you to hang them securely on the wall.

Problem: A Costco buying spree crowds out fridge space and leaves you with excess food to store.

Solution: Gladiator's Freezerator ($1,100), with more freezer and less refrigerator. Also available is an under-workbench refrigerator ($450) for your cold ones. The appliances are made by Whirlpool, Gladiator's parent company.