Granger High School and West Valley police Wednesday were investigating an alleged confrontation between the school's football coach and several students, resulting in the suspension of 10 students.

Coach Richard Grosh allegedly got into a heated argument at school Monday with some students who allegedly egged his house over the weekend.

A total of 10 students were suspended Wednesday, and Grosh was asked by the school to stay home to let things "calm down," Granite School District spokesman Randy Ripplinger said. He was unaware if the students or Grosh would be back at school today.

Ripplinger said the stories vary as to what happened during the confrontation, ranging from students being yelled at to students being shoved.

West Valley Police Capt. Steve Sandquist said Wednesday his office was trying to sort through what was fact and what was fiction.

The hallway confrontation was allegedly the result of an incident at the coach's Murray home Saturday night.

Saturday was prom night for Granger students. After several students dropped their dates off at home, they allegedly went to the coach's Murray house and threw eggs at it, according to police.

One of the eggs broke a window and went into the room where Grosh's 4-year-old daughter was sleeping. The broken glass from the window fell on top of the child, according to a source familiar with the case who asked to remain anonymous.

Grosh ran outside his house after the incident and allegedly identified the truck that was driving away and some of the students in it, Sandquist said. On Monday, he allegedly confronted those students at school.

Some of the students involved in the incident were on the football team, Sandquist said.

At least one of those students may have been upset that he did not receive a college football scholarship and blamed Grosh, according to a source.

Granger principal Parley Jacobs was handling the school investigation, Ripplinger said.

District policy only allows teachers to intervene physically in confrontations to protect other people.

Murray police detective Rob Hall said Wednesday his department was looking into the alleged egg-throwing incident.

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