I am a Jewish convert to the LDS Church. I have put much effort and time into researching my ancestry and providing temple ordinances for them. LDS doctrine simply states that we the living can provide necessary ordinances for those who cannot do them for themselves. For example, my great-grandfather, an Orthodox Jewish cantor, can freely accept or reject the baptism I provided for him in an LDS temple. If one does not believe in the LDS faith, then our actions are useless. If one believes that the baptisms are in reality binding in the spirit world, they should seek out LDS missionaries and join the church.

Ernest Michel ("Jewish leaders flay LDS baptisms," April 8) should find better ways to use his time than coming to Salt Lake to dictate what is or is not an acceptable religious practice for Latter-day Saints. In fact, if he would like to perform vicarious circumcision for dead gentiles, I would have no objections.

Jeffrey Swanson