Rumors about the Snelgrove's cone on 2100 South have swirled like the caramel stripe in a tub of rich chocolate ice cream.

Concerned ice cream lovers have called Dreyer's office (which owns the Snelgrove brand) about the cone, a Sugar House landmark for at least 50 years. Rumors had it that the cone was coming down or that Dreyer's was closing the plant or that the Snelgrove's brand would melt into oblivion.

Not true, said Scott West, district manager for Dreyer's.

"It's not going away," West said. "We decided to keep that sign up."

The cone head and clock hands still spin, but the neon lights no longer buzz.

The plant at 850 E. 2100 South makes ice cream for Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado.

Ice cream for high-altitude areas has to be packaged in a high altitude. Air in the recipe expands as the ice cream heads up a mountain, and the lids can pop off. Conversely, lids cave in as they travel to lower altitudes.

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