Laura Seitz, Deseret Morning News</i>
Aaron Farris waits for a kiss from his son, Crue, 5, at St. Mark's Hospital. Crue dialed 911 when he couldn't wake his father up.

A 5-year-old boy was being called a hero Friday after possibly saving his father's life.

Crue Farris couldn't wake up his 30-year-old father, Aaron, Thursday night. Aaron Farris, a diabetic, had taught his son that if there was ever an occasion that he couldn't get him up, he needed to dial 911.

On Thursday, Farris went into diabetic shock.

"My daddy's not waking up," the young boy told 911 dispatchers.

For more than five minutes, a dispatcher kept Crue on the phone until emergency crews arrived at their apartment near 4100 South and 450 East. The dispatcher had Crue check for breathing and if his father's heart was beating while he waited for crews.

"He had a headache and went to sleep," the child told dispatchers. "He needs some sleep for his head to feel better."

Aaron Farris lay unconscious for about a half-hour, Crue said.

Crue later told the dispatcher he could hear his father's heart beating and that his arm was moving but he still was not waking up. At one point on the tape a noise that sounds like small moans from his father can be heard in the background.

The dispatcher kept Crue talking on the phone and had him unlock the front door for EMTs.

Rescue crews arrived at the Farris apartment a short time later and took Aaron Farris to St. Mark's Hospital, where he remained Friday. But he was alert and talking and hugging his son again.

"We're very proud," said Crue's grandmother, Carey Farris. "If he didn't do it, his daddy wouldn't be here right now. It was pretty awesome."

Crue said he wasn't scared. And although he was pretty wound up most of Friday as a constant stream of reporters attempted to interview him, he seemed to understand somewhat the seriousness of what happened and what could have happened if not for his actions.

"I'm glad I did it," he said of saving his father.

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