OREM — A woman apparently felt the message she delivered to a post office would carry more weight if she were naked.

The 49-year-old Provo woman wore nothing but boots and eyeglasses when she strolled through the doors of the Mountain Shadow post office at 877 E. 1200 South at about 10:40 a.m. on Tuesday.

"After checking her mailbox, she stepped into the lobby long enough to tell everyone to repent," Orem police officer John Savage said.

The woman has a history of mental illness but not lewdness, Orem Police Lt. Doug Edwards said. Her bare-bones message delivered in memorable fashion, the woman left the post office and got into her car. Savage responded to the scene after a call to police was placed by a postal worker.

"Officer Savage stopped the woman as she was driving away from the post office for her next destination, wherever in the world that might have been, and took her into custody," Edwards said.

Savage said he asked the woman why she wasn't wearing the overcoat on the passenger seat and she repeated her desire to call people to repentance. The woman was transported to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.