With the growing controversy over anti-Book of Mormon figures like Grant Palmer, Murphy and others, I feel I should weigh in.

The doctrine must be protected. To write and publish a book where one questions the veracity of the restoration of the priesthood or the translation of the Book of Mormon is the basis of apostasy.

Signature Books has added greatly to our understanding of church history. The journals of Wilford Woodruff are a truly impressive work. However, the company has — in the last few years — gone on a course of attacking the revealed nature of the Book of Mormon. They seem to want us to follow the course of the Community of Christ (formerly RLDS) and stop viewing the Book of Mormon as the actual word of God.

Faith — not blood — gives one right to the gospel. A new convert from Mexico who speaks no English but has a strong testimony that the Book of Mormon is the word of God is the true heir of the pioneers, not some professor whose ancestors have been members since the time of Joseph Smith and who wants to denounce the Book of Mormon as not an ancient text.

The Book of Mormon is true. Jesus Christ is the only way whereby salvation cometh.

Everything else is secondary.

John Lambert