Pick Player Team Pos. Comment Re-protected player

1. Chivas Orlando Perez Chicago MF He'll fill a need on the outside Chicago pulls back Henry Ring

2. Salt Lake D.J. Countess Chicago GK He's grown up a lot and ready to be the everyday guy Chicago pulls back Evan Whitfield

3. Chivas Ronnie Eckland San Jose MF Owns 2 championship rings. Can be a good midfield general San Jose pulls back Jeff Agoos

4. Salt Lake Pablo Brenes NY/NJ MF Young Costa Rican Olympic star NY/NJ pulls back Craig Ziadie

5. Chivas Jonny Walker NY/NJ GK American born was victim of pretty poor defensive effort last year NY/NJ pulls back Tim Regan

6. Salt Lake Nelson Akwari Columbus DF Solid defender, and that's the one thing he's proven Columbus pulls back Dante Washington

7. Chivas Joselito Vaca NY/NJ MF Fiery little guy who's shown at times he can be a great player NY/NJ can't lose any more players

8. Salt Lake Jamil Walker San Jose FW Lightning-fast striker needs an opportunity San Jose pulls back Chris Roner

9. Chivas Antonio de la Torre Colorado DF Creative player, a lot of skill with ball Colorado pulls back Seth Trembly

10. Salt Lake Andy Williams Chicago MF Skillful Jamaican play-maker, questionable work rate Chicago can't lose any more players

11. Chivas Eliseo Quintanilla D.C. FW Honduran missed most of year with broken leg D.C. pulls back Ezra Hendrickson

12. Salt Lake Paul Broome L.A. DF Inconsistent. Maybe just needs a chance to play every day L.A. pulls back Arturo Torres

13. Chivas Thiago Martins D.C. FW Target forward, has Brazilian heritage D.C. pulls back Trey Perkins

14. Salt Lake David Testo Columbus FW Former A-League MVP is still very young Columbus pulls back Stephen Herdsman

15. Chivas Erick Scott Columbus FW Costa Rican national team defender Columbus can't lose any more players

16. Salt Lake Matt Taylor Kansas City FW Raw but talented former UCLA forward Kansas City pulls back Francisco Gomez

17. Chivas Carlos Llamosa N. England DF Veteran U.S. national team defender New England pulls back Brian Kamler

18. Salt Lake Chris Brown San Jose F/M Solid journeyman goal scorer. Wife is from Utah San Jose pulls back Jon Conway

19. Chivas Oscar Pareja Dallas MF Colombian play-maker needs new scenery to reinvigorate style Dallas pulls back Scott Garlick

20. Salt Lake Jeff Stewart Colorado DF Solid performer, hard-working utility man End of draft