Fish biologists expected good things from Jordanelle Reservoir when it started to fill a decade ago.

Now, it appears, they were more right than they thought. It was recently reported that a fisherman tossed a surface lure near the shoreline at the reservoir, waited about 20 seconds, and hooked into what could well be the new state record for a catch and release smallmouth bass.

The fish measured just more than 24 inches long, which is about two inches longer that the current record.

Smallmouth fishing in recent weeks has been good at Jordanelle, as well as at other waters, such as Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge. Currently, at Jordanelle, the fish are moving out to water that's a little deeper, but they are still hanging near to the shorelines.

Which simply means it would be a good idea to use a little heavier lure or add a few more sinkers to the line. In the case of lures, there is still some top-water action. Best fishing, however, has been with plastic grubs and worms on 3/8-ounce jig heads.

Following is the latest report from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

BLACKSMITH FORK RIVER — Fly fishermen report success using terrestrials, parachute hoppers and stimulators. Most success has also come with PMX and dropping a Prince nymph. Mostly small browns and a few whitefish are being caught.

FARMINGTON POND — Nice-size catfish are being caught with King Cat chicken blood. A few cuts are also being taken with silver spinners.

MANTUA — A few smallmouth bass are being caught using a rubber worm and poppers. Anglers in float tubes are catching fish stripping a wet fly with sinking line.

PINEVIEW — A few bass are being caught near the east side. A nice tiger musky was caught this past week closer to the shore.

STRAWBERRY — Trolling has picked up in deeper water while shoreline, trolling and float tube fishing has been considered fair. Time of day, depth and technique seem to be the keys. Early and late fishing have brought the best results.

WILLOW POND in Murray — Stocked with catfish. Success has been reported as fair for the cats and slow for trout. Not scheduled for trout stocking again until September. Try standard fishing techniques and baits.

FLAMING GORGE — Rainbow trout fishing remains good along shoreline areas using Power Bait, a marshmallow/worm combo, or a nightcrawler under a bobber. Boat fishermen are doing well casting small jigs or lures, especially on rocky points in Hideout, Sheep Creek, Carter Creek, Pipeline and Buckboard areas. Lake trout fishing is improving reservoirwide; however, action for 2-5 pound fish is excellent from Buckboard south to Squaw Hollow. Look for fish 40 to 60 feet deep over points and along the river channel. Smallmouth bass fishing is excellent with fish in shallow water spawning. Smallmouths can be found along all rocky shorelines in the reservoir; however, don't overlook weedy areas in the back of bays while the fish are shallow. Try jigs, grubs and crankbaits imitating crayfish.

PELICAN LAKE — Fair to good fishing for both bass and bluegill. Lake level is dropping so larger boats will have difficulty launching.

RED FLEET — Good fishing for rainbow trout, bass and bluegill.

LAKE POWELL — Stripers are still boiling at many midlake locations. Most boils are very quick, and stripers are going deep before anglers can react. Smallmouth bass will herd shad schools and feed with stripers on the surface. Surface feeding fish are the easiest to locate because they can be seen for a long distance. When not on top, bass can be readily caught with soft plastics fished on bottom at 15-30 feet. Best spots are deep drop-offs quite a ways from shore.

FISH LAKE — Fair to good for rainbow trout. Fishing for splake and lake trout has slowed. Best fishing is by boat. Catch rainbows still fishing with bait or trolling spinners or pop gear with a worm. Troll deeper for lake trout.

GUNLOCK — Fair fishing for bass, bluegill and crappie.

MINERSVILLE —Anglers may now keep eight trout with no restrictions on size. Bait may also be used. Special regulations were removed because the reservoir is being drained.

NAVAJO LAKE — The lake has been stocked with catchable rainbow trout as well as some larger excess brood stock.

NEWCASTLE — Smallmouth bass are active. There are a lot of nice smallmouth here, but they can be difficult to catch since they don't have to work too hard for food with the abundant golden shiner population.

PANGUITCH — Fishing has been fair to good for mainly 10-12 inch rainbows. Success is best from boats as vegetation and water temperatures have increased. Try trolling a flatfish or fly. Special regulations here include the release of all cutthroat trout under 22 inches. Only one cutthroat trout (over 22 inches) may be kept in a daily limit of four trout.

QUAIL LAKE — Good for bass and bluegill. Try plastic baits, crayfish crankbaits for bass; small jigs or a piece of worm below a float for bluegill. Trout are deep.