Lori Hacking ran about four times a week with her friend, confidante and co-worker, Elizabeth Read.

The two would wait until the hot summer sun went down before hitting the trails of Memory Grove or Millcreek Canyon.

But Hacking ran alone Monday morning, and nobody has seen her since. She had plans that night, so she probably ran in the early morning to beat the heat, Read said.

"We just have to find her," Read said in an interview with the Deseret Morning News and KSL Thursday. "Lori is still out there."

Read and Hacking have been jogging buddies for nearly 1 1/2 years. They shared stories, griped about work and shared plain old girl talk.

In fact, on July 15 at approximately 10 p.m., Hacking called Read and said she had just taken a home pregnancy test and the results were positive.

"She was so excited," Read said. Although Mark and Lori Hacking weren't planning on a baby at this time, "they weren't preventing, either."

The news that Lori Hacking disappeared after her morning jog devastated Read. In her mind, Read ran through all the possible options of what could have happened. But her first instinct was that some sort of animal must have attacked her.

Read said she had seen snakes on the trails in Memory Grove and feared one had bitten Lori. The area is a known hangout for mountain lions, so Read figured she could have been attacked. "Maybe she just got hurt," Read said.

During their evening runs, Lori Hacking never spoke of any marital problems with Mark Hacking, Read said. She said they are an extremely happy couple in love.

Read said she didn't think Lori Hacking knew about a web of lies Mark Hacking spun in the past few years. Mark Hacking had told his friends and family that he had been accepted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Medical School, but school officials said there is no record that he ever applied.

Mark Hacking also told family that he had graduated from the University of Utah with honors, when in fact he only attended school from 1999-2002 and never graduated.

"I don't think she had any idea," Read said. "It shocked me. I see her every day at work. She was planning on leaving for North Carolina."

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