DC Comics is about to begin another Supergirl saga.

In "Superman/Batman" issue No. 8, which will be on bookshelves March 17, Batman finds a girl inside a Kryptonite meteor at the bottom of Gotham Bay. Thus begins a six-part story where Darkseid of Apokolips and the Amazons on Paradise Island claim the mystery girl.

The May issue finds Supergirl being trained on Paradise Island as Darkseid fights to take her away. An unexpected death results.

Supergirl originated in the 1950s and guest-starred in Action Comics for many years. In the 1970s and 1980s she had her own comic on and off. In 1984, the character was featured in a motion picture, starring Helen Slater. The movie was a bomb.

In the 1985 DC miniseries "Crisis on Infinite Earths," the character was killed off, leaving only a doppelganger named "Power Girl."

DC then brought Supergirl back by having a shapeshifting "Matrix" adopt her identity. In 2003 another Supergirl, Cir-El, who was supposedly Superman's daughter, appeared on the scene. After that, another Supergirl arrived on Earth from another dimension. Both have since vanished from DC's pages.

• There are rumors that the bottled Krypton city of Kandor will return, too. In 1986, Kandor was an element in a revised Superman storyline. What's old is apparently new again.

• "The Nail" — one of the best-ever "Elseworld" tales — has a sequel coming out May 19. "Justice League of America: The Nail" will pick up where the first three issues left off. It will sell for $5.95.

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