Senate bills that passed the 2004 Legislature:

SB1(Blackham) Appropriations Act

SB3 (Stephenson) Minimum School Program Act amendments

SB4 (Evans, B.) Repeal of cost-savings suggestions pilot program

SB5 (Jenkins) Employment security modifications

SB6 (Stephenson) Refurbished computers in schools program

SB9 (Walker) Property rights amendments

SB10 (Hickman) Amendments to local referendum process

SB11 (Walker) Guidelines for local matching dollars for transportation projects

SB12 (Arent) Transportation of children for parent-time

SB13 (Hillyard) Resort communities tax amendments

SB14 (Bell) Insurance code exemption

SB15 (Evans, B.) Carryover of authorized capital outlay amendments

SB16 (Walker) Identity theft amendments

SB18 (Arent) Municipal annexation provisions in first-class counties

SB19 (Blackham) Sales and use taxes exemption for energy related equipment and machinery

SB20 (Walker) Driving under the influence amendments

SB22 (Stephenson) Administrative rules reauthorization

SB23 (Hatch) Amendments to municipal government

SB24 (Buttars) Marriage recognition policy

SB26 (Buttars) Public safety retirees' cost-of-living increase

SB27 (Thomas) Telephone and Facsimile Solicitation Act

SB29 (Blackham) Access to rural health-care providers

SB30 (Killpack) Medical Benefits Recovery Act amendments

SB32 (Arent) Use of asthma medication by pupils in school

SB33 (Mayne) Mobile Home Park Residency Act

SB34 (Davis) Occupational therapists amendments

SB38 (Arent) Arson offense amendments

SB40 (Evans, J.) Cesar Chavez scholarship program

SB42 (Gladwell) Utah exemption code amendments

SB43 (Davis) Recreational therapy practice amendments

SB44 (Hellewell) Child care centers regulations

SB46 (Dmitrich) Sunset date extension of Division of Oil, Gas and Mining

SB47 (Hillyard) Uniform trust code

SB48 (Waddoups) Uniform firearm laws

SB49 (Gladwell) Competency to be executed amendments

SB50 (Hatch) Rural planning and development

SB51 (Blackham) Education technology support for testing initiative

SB52 (Hatch) Insurance amendments — loss histories and inquiries

SB53 (Waddoups) County and municipal zoning regarding billboards

SB55 (Blackham) Governmental Immunity Act of Utah

SB58 (Valentine) Alcoholic beverage control amendments

SB62 (Thomas) Stay of execution amendments

SB63 (Buttars) Witness tampering amendments

SB65 (Blackham) County classification amendments

SB66 (Hickman) Telecommunications amendments

SB67 (Evans, B.) Designation of American Indian Heritage Month and an Indigenous People Day

SB68 (Bramble) Prohibition of public funding for abortion

SB69 (Bramble) Partial-birth abortion amendments

SB70 (Hickman) Health care facility licensing exemption

SB72 (Hickman) Disposition of fines for registration violations

SB73 (Hatch) Escape amendments

SB76 (Hatch) Revisions to royalty on brine shrimp

SB77 (Arent) Expansion of new motor vehicle warranties

SB79 (Eastman) Repeal of child welfare worker designations

SB80 (Valentine) Capital punishment amendments — excluded days

SB81 (Hellewell) Child and Family Services — plea in abeyance

SB82 (Evans, B.) Deposits into Uinta Basin revitalization fund

SB83 (Mayne) Uninsured employers' fund amendments

SB84 (Waddoups) Party to felony offense enhancement

SB85 (Thomas) Political activities of public entities amendments

SB86 (Buttars) Mental Health Professional Practice Act amendments

SB87 (Walker) Driver license certificate amendments

SB88 (Hillyard) Uniform Building Standards Act — manufactured housing amendments

SB89 (Hellewell) Contractor licensing amendments

SB91 (Jenkins) Emergency medical service provider amendments

SB92 (Arent) Repeal of Unsolicited Commercial and Sexually Explicit E-mail Act

SB93 (Evans, B.) Telecommunications annual report amendments

SB94 (Dmitrich) Mine certification requirements

SB96 (Mayne) Utah Occupational Safety and Health Act amendments

SB97 (Bramble) Certification deadline for political parties

SB98 (Bramble) Fees for electronic processing of certain motor vehicle transactions

SB104 (Hellewell) Selection of mental health therapist in termination of parental rights

SB107 (Knudson) Advanced practice registered nurse modifications

SB108 (Hillyard) Revisor's statute

SB109 (Thomas) Individual income tax contributions for education

SB111 (Jenkins) Mechanics' liens amendments

SB112 (Hale) Uniform Anatomical Gift Act amendments

SB113 (Hillyard) Administrative Procedures Act amendments

SB114 (Knudson) Amendments to prescribing, preparation and dispensing of prescription drugs

SB115 (Bramble) Special election dates

SB118 (Hillyard) Judiciary amendments

SB119 (Evans, B.) Prosecution jurisdiction amendment

SB120 (Thomas) Residential property tax exemption

SB122 (Valentine) Payment of claims on deceased settlor's estate

SB123 (Hillyard) Court reporter amendments

SB124 (Killpack) Prohibition on sales and use tax incentive payments by a county or municipality

SB125 (Julander) Confidentiality of drug testing

SB128 (Blackham) Long-term care facilities amendments

SB129 (Waddoups) Community associations

SB131 (Hillyard) Uniform Principal and Income Act

SB132 (Jenkins) Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act — electrical licensing amendments

SB133 (Stephenson) Bulk delivery of motor fuel

SB134 (Walker) Governor's Commission for Women and Families

SB135 (Evans, J.) Center for multicultural health

SB136 (Hillyard) Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

SB137 (Hale) Interstate compact for adult offender supervision — application fee

SB138 (Gladwell) Fishing and hunting license amendments

SB139 (Bramble) Individual income tax — nonresident income amendments

SB141 (Bell) New judge — Second District Court

SB142 (Davis) Validity of marriage licenses

SB143 (Gladwell) Criminal offense attempt amendments

SB144 (Hillyard) Corporations sole amendments

SB145 (Walker) County surveyor amendments

SB146 (Evans, B.) Olympic law revisions and cleanup

SB147 (Waddoups) Condominium amendments

SB149 (Mayne) Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission Act amendments

SB150 (Buttars) Judicial confirmation process amendments

SB152 (Jenkins) Division of Community Development name change

SB154 (Stephenson) School building legislative task force

SB155 (Davis) County mental health amendments

SB157 (Walker) Authorization to perform marriages

SB158 (Bell) Criminal offense amendments

SB159 (Dmitrich) Annexation of public land to special and local districts

SB160 (Julander) Controlled Substances Act amendments

SB161 (Waddoups) Judicial Conduct Commission

SB162 (Valentine) Interstate insurance product regulation — compact

SB163 (Stephenson) Property tax — confidentiality of certain information

SB166 (Hatch) Off-highway vehicle registration provisions

SB167 (Bell) Victim restitution amendments

SB168 (Walker) Driver license related amendments

SB170 (Evans, J.) Public transit district amendments

SB171 (Bramble) Property tax treatment of transportable factory-built housing units

SB173 (Bell) Bail bond reinstatement amendments

SB175 (Buttars) Protection of private lawfully obtained property

SB176 (Valentine) Financial institutions amendments

SB177 (Waddoups) Property tax — outdoor advertising

SB178 (Waddoups) Mortgage broker amendments

SB179 (Hillyard) Expedited appeals in child welfare cases

SB182 (Knudson) Assistant adjutant general qualifications

SB183 (Stephenson) Local governments — authority for design-build construction

SB184 (Bell) Interlocal Cooperation Act amendments

SB185 (Hatch) Public education amendments

SB187 (Stephenson) Water conservancy districts trustees

SB190 (Stephenson) Sales and use tax exemption relating to film, television and video

SB191 (Evans, B.) Oil and gas related taxes and fees

SB192 (Waddoups) Loan transactions amendments

SB195 (Waddoups) Taxation of multichannel video or audio service

SB196 (Gladwell) Court fee adjustments

SB199 (Blackham) Outsourcing state jobs

SB200 (Knudson) License and certification extension for deployed National Guard members

SB201 (Hillyard) Punitive damages amendments

SB202 (Stephenson) Unemployment insurance amendments

SB204 (Thomas) Redevelopment agency changes

SB206 (Stephenson) Property tax amendments

SB214 (Stephenson) Prohibition of obesity lawsuits

SB215 (Gladwell) County powers amendments

SB219 (Mayne) Amendments to justice court operations

SB223 (Eastman) Transportation construction amendments

SB224 (Hale) Homeless coordinating committee

SB225 (Eastman) Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

SB230 (Evans, J.) Reading achievement program

SB231 (Waddoups) Executive compensation amendments

SB232 (Blackham) Standard of care for emergency vehicle drivers

SB233 (Evans, J.) Airport security amendments

SB234 (Evans, J.) State fair park leasing agreements

SB237 (Blackham) Pioneer and community heritage amendments

SB239 (Dmitrich) Unfair business practices

SB240 (Allen) Motion picture task force

SB245 (Blackham) Medical dispute resolution amendments

SB248 (Eastman) Transportation general obligation bond

SB249 (Buttars) Defining practice of chiropractic physician

SB250 (Valentine) Class actions relating to taxes or fees administered by the State Tax Commission

SCR1(Hatch) Concurrent resolution approving solid waste permit

SCR2 (Wright) Resolution regarding construction of waste facility

SCR3 (Thomas) Resolution supporting Hill Air Force Base

SCR4 (Evans, J.) Resolution recognizing 50th Anniversary of landmark case of Brown vs. Board of Education

SJR1 (Knudson) Resolution reappointing legislative fiscal analyst

SJR2 (Evans, B.) Resolution approving compensation of in-session employees

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SJR4 (Hillyard) Joint Rules Resolution — fiscal note process amendments

SJR5 (Davis) Resolution urging Congress to address citizen children of undocumented parents

SJR6 (Valentine) Resolution on impeachment authority

SJR7 (Davis) Resolution recognizing Sugar House sesquicentennial

SJR10 (Waddoups) Master study resolution

SJR11(Hillyard) Resolution honoring O. William Asplund

SR1 (Hillyard) Senate Rules Resolution — use of postage

SR2 (Hillyard) Senate Rules Resolution — technical amendments

SR3 (Hillyard) Senate Rules Resolution — fiscal notes