Two Virginians are being held in Washington County Jail for investigation of auto theft and other incidents in a multistate crime spree.

Ronald Allen Feathers, 18, Winchester, Va., and Angie Smith, 20, of Strausburg, Va., were arrested Thursday after Utah authorities discovered the truck they were driving had been reported stolen, said Washington County Deputy Sheriff Gene Roberts.The two were being held in Washington County Jail on $20,000 bond each, said Deputy Kerry Lee. They were arraigned before 5th Circuit Court Judge Robert Owens.

Feathers and Smith had been stopped by Hurricane Police Sgt. Kurt Wright after he noticed their travel trailer had no tail lights, Roberts said in a police report. After Wright let the couple drive away with a warning, he radioed in the license number and learned the vehicle had been reported stolen.

Roberts located the vehicle at the Harrisburg junction, nine miles north of St. George, where Feathers and Smith apparently had stopped to spend the night.

According to Roberts' report, enforcement officials are checking reports that the two may have a connection to the theft of a car at a Chevrolet dealer in Front Royal, Va., later abandoned, and the theft of a another vehicle in Ponchatoole, La.

Roberts report said a couple drove that vehicle to Wichita, Kan., where a briefcase containing several credit cards was taken from a pickup truck. The credit cards were used for gas and oil purchases, the report said.

A couple also are suspected of obtaining a MasterCard from a mailbox and using it to purchase general merchandise and jewelry, then stealing a small travel trailer in Colorado and heading to Utah, the report said.

Roberts said a trailer was found abandoned on U.S. 91 south of St. George. A couple, he said, went to a St. George dealership and hooked up to a new travel trailer.